can you find ------------->
  can # 6

location: W. 23rd St. and S. Wentworth Ave [map]
date placed: 6/16/05

  can # 5

location: Ravenswood alley b/t Sacramento and Whipple, Montrose and Sunnyside [map]
date placed: 5/12/05

  can # 4

location: Lake View [map]
date placed: 4/25/05

  can # 3

location: Loop [map]
date placed: 4/25/05

  can # 2

location: Ravenswood [map]
date placed: 4/25/05

  can # 1

location: Albany Park [map]
date placed: 4/21/05
sightings? email


Look and see.

This is an experiment - giving new life to discarded items through time and attention and then dispersing them throughout Chicago.

You are invited to participate in this project any way you like... go look for the cans, post your thoughts or questions about the project, or send images of your own endeavors in redeeming overlooked objects...(

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